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Thverfellshorn (UK)

2012, woensdag 1 februari. Gastproductie Morctapes. Concertavond met het Britse Thverfellshorn en Library Tapes uit Zweden.

above: Luke from Thverfellshorn during his set, half past nine. David,
from the Swedish onemanband Library Tapes, he'd been in crox before,
didn't want any lightshow. During his set not much of anything half a
photograph could be taken.
I would ask Luke, from Hampshire he is,
west of London, Surrey, how he came to that name. He said he knew,
thverfellshorn didn't sound like anything he had heard before, and
maybe, if something better came to his brain. It's icelandic, he said.
It says: a path along the edge of a mountain. There's no much of a
mountain where he lives. He had a girl in Oxford and recalls how
beautiful that county is.