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Khosronejad, Arash

Breath From A Warm Locale, crox 459. Coproductie met Parkingallery Projects an Asayeshgah Projects (Iran). Kaenser (2012), 7'04", zwart-witfilm. Fragment zaaltekst: "Colors are losing themselves between the checkered, twisted pictures. Finger to finger, click to click, the upper, the lower, in hope of someone talking more clearly than the squares. The upper is headache. The lower is headache. Sometimes, mesmerized by the lights and voices of the ecstasy infected with suffering and pain. No weight and no heaviness. No color and no volume. Creeping, silent, when it rips the endurance it will become a malignant neoplasm that bites slowly. Sometimes when it reaches the end, there's nobody who talks clearly. Words are losing themselves between the checkered, twisted pictures."
INK361 identifieert Arash Khosronejad als Graphic Designer en Music Critic. Twitter is meer specifiek: Writer/Reviewer, Designer, Sound & Video Artist. Muzikale voorkeur: Death Metal.