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1. Wherever artists from abroad can stay for some time. 1995 to 2000: a number of places in the neighbourhood of Aannemersstraat 54 or at crox-collaborators' who have a guestroom. Suzan Batu, Dianna Frid and Wendy Hirschberg stay with Marijke Bontinck, collaborator till Spring 1999. Thomas Broadbent (April 1996) appreciated a simple camp bed in the basement of Aannemersstraat 54. A Bed & Breakfast in de Toekomststraat was also sporadicly used in that period. Rustique room with a spectacularly chic breakfast. Later, from 2003, Hotel Flandria, a hotel in Barrestraat, close to Sint-Baafs was a regular space. Only since 2010 a real crox-residence was established, in Delvinlaan, at the first floor in a building where one of the board memebers resides.

2. Short spans of time in between genuine project periods. From 2011 we invited artists to come over and work in our spaces. Before that, till 2009, we had mostly shows by students. A residence, or short working time - every residence is followed by a presentation - offers an opportunity for a number of students to experiment in the crox-space with presentation and possibly also to create some work in situ. 
Spring 2011: Meggy Rustamova (KASK), Melissa Mabesoone (KASK), Kylian Van der Have (NL/Sint-Lucas), Machteld Rullens (NL/Sint-Lucas), Yana Cordenier (KASK). Klaas De Roo. Johanna Van Overmeir (KASK), Rudy Lycke (KASK) & Evelyne Bleyenberg (NL/KASK). Sandrine Verstraete (KASK), Danae Baert, Johanna Van Overmeir/Hans Beckers/Peter Van Houweling, (KASK), Sjoerd Van Leeuwen (NL) and Joris De Rycke (Sint-Lucas).