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Geurts, Frederic

Verf Na Van Eyck (2014). Speciaal voor VNVE uitgevoerde remake van de column in de kapel Altenapark te Kontich.
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crox-card 132 (2014). Spiraal voor Kleine Brogel, 2011. Gelakt en verzinkt staal, diameter 26m hoogte 4,5m.
"Art can form an interruption in the course of things. A work of art requires that one slows down and briefly reflects. This would at first sight seem ompossible on a roundabout along a busy road, yet it is possible to create a moment of rest, a disruption, on the basis of the movement. The design encircles the roundabout. It goes around the spot itself, just as the driver does. It thereby embodies the impossibility of spending time there. It keeps away from the black hole, the inaccessible disk that forms the roundabout. In the course of time this has turned into a piece of natural wilderness, which adds value but makes it atypical of the constructed surroundings.
A red and white tube which at first sight appears familiar, like an answer to the problem of visibility and safety, encircles the roundabout in a double movement. There is neither beginning nor end. Only after it is approached and driven around does the work, and the illusion, reveal itself. It briefly undermindes the viewer's position, and at once nothing seems certain anymore. A perilous position, but one which is also receptive to wonder. The pipe flies up and down in a ceaseless movement, making the roundabout a game." From Frederic Geurts, The Book, MER Paper Kunsthalle 2009, blz. 139.

De ansicht kreeg het felle ansichtazuurblauw typerend voor het genre.