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Barthes, Roland

(1) 'French philosopher Roland Barthes, who was run over in the street in Paris quite out of the blue in 1980, wrote, 'Visiter un lieu, c'est de la sorte commencer à écrire: l'adresse n'étant pas écrite, il faut bien qu'elle fonde elle-même sa propre écriture.' ('To visit a place is thereby to begin it write it: the address not being written, it must establish its own writing.') Uit Native constructions or the artist and his alter ego, een van de teksten van Inge Braeckman voor Careful Dressage, crox-boek 19, een project van Dirk Zoete.

Context van het citaat: 'Not everything is predictable; while he creates, the shapes, lines, movements and planes come into being instinctively, without clearly traceable reasons. A good artist does not even know precisely how he creates. That does not change the fact this first requires a thorough grip on the materials and techniques, to have blindly absorbed them, in order to listen to the hand and the 'diktat' of the drawing in progress.' Waarop het citaat volgt. Op. cit. p.15-16.

(2) Les planches de l'Encyclopédie. > Neitsabes Dranoc