Frituur Roeland (2014). The chips shop of Roeland during Hard Gelag, a project by guest curator Laurens Mariën. Works from Yann Bronder, Ingeborg Deglein and Bert Huyghe. And: "Roeland weet hoe het moet. Friet als gesmolten goud." > Roeland knows how to. Chips is molten gold.

Jean & Margriet. From the mid seventies till the turn of the millenium the best in town. The most chipie is close to the first location of croxhapox, at Sint-Jacobs (1990-1991). The Turkish boys of Sympa acquired it. 

Singing Potatoes (2013), a project by Steven Tevels: potatoes, microcontroller, audio amplifier. September 2013, kubus. foto: steven tevels

"Singing Potatoes' consists of eight spuds arranged in the shape of a circle on a plinth, next to which there are an amplifier and a 'reverb'effect pedal. When the spuds are touched, an 'organ' sound is audible. Each potato has a different pitch. Eight potatoes together form the major scale of Western music plus the high C. The human body contains a certain amount of electric energy which can, via the permeability of the skin, e.g. the fingertips, generate a signal that can be transmitted through the potato. The potato is, in this case, only an organic interface to trigger the electronic sound circuit. Text: Steven Tevels.