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Flaubert, Gustave

Fragment from Drawing Scenes & Studio Movements the drawing as an explorer in uncharted territory, one of the texts by Inge Braeckman for Careful Dressage, crox-boek nr 19, a project by Dirk Zoete: 'Let us look, for example, at the work Six seconds between these two steps. Wiregirl. This photo, a reproduction, a 'memory' or reverberation of a performance involving symbols and objects in the artist's studio, is subsequently drawn over, creating a layered sense of alienation in the image, with elements borrowed directly from reality, such as a pair of ladies' boots - which remind me of the renowned passage in one of Gustave Flaubert's letters to his muse Colette, who had once left her boots in his study after making love - which correspond to and are 'completed' by a pair of pencil lines. In this way the photo not only becomes a drawing, and vice versa, but it also becomes a sculpture through the depth effects it gains in the process. Op. cit. pp 51-52.