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Verhoeven, Benjamin

crox 458 (2014). Group
project without title, assembled and coordinated by Dries Douibi, member of the
AT, artistic team, from early 2012. Two works by Benjamin, EYE, in one of the
front rooms, and Shot At Frame, in the backspace.

Shot At
Frame: slide projection of slides shot at by a bob gun, so the images are
shattered and have a neat round hole in them. Slides depict idyllic mountain
landscapes with one or more people posing for the camera, usually in an outfit designed
for holiday pleasures.  EYE. An assembly
on a projection apparatus ensures that the glory of light on the wall, projected
on a slowly from and to the lens moving convex disk of glass, gets
alternatively sharper and vaguer till even the internal eye of the lens is
visible on the wall.