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Robbert & Frank

2008. Appeared in
The Gentlemen's Gentlemen, a theatre production by Brian Getnick and Noe Kidder

crox254 Noe Kidder - Brian Getnick RIMG2563crox254 Noe Kidder - Brian Getnick RIMG2638crox254 Noe Kidder - Brian Getnick RIMG2744
photos: MC

2009. 2 till 11 March. crox 294.
Presentation in the Thomsen space. They aree just in from the States.  The material in het project has been collected
over there.  

crox294 Robbert Goyvaerts - Frank Merkx RIMG3493crox294 Robbert Goyvaerts - Frank Merkx RIMG3839
photos: MC

2009. 7 till 22 November. crox 320.
An Environment in Yellow and Blue. A project in the largest room. Installations
and all things built. A multitude. Objects, photos, video-presentations,
actions. The room is completely full.

crox320 Frank Merkx - Robbert Goyvaerts RIMG8793crox320 Frank Merkx - Robbert Goyvaerts IMG_0389crox320 Frank Merkx - Robbert Goyvaerts IMG_0405
photos: MC

2011. Manifold, a project by Sandrine
Verstraete. Frank is one of the actors, Robbert films.

Series 1. Urine. Blue. Prostitute.
Khadafi. Spot. Blank. Pile dwelling. Goat. Rocky high with birch shrubbery. A
choir, flatulentive. Three, cranial surgery.
Series 2. Robbert films.

2012. crox 395, Een plek van rust en stilte, [A place of quiet and silence]
third solo-project by F&R and R&F.

crox-box 20 January 2012 

Frank is in front of the laptop.
Cool. He emerges, graduates. In what does Frank graduate? In five footsteps left
he caught up with Gropius and four right Lee Miller: four, and a bit of shadow
to go with it, specifically from a cave bear I presume, or from an opossum, of
an ant if need be.
Are you generally happy with your photobox? Nope. I exchanged mine for a
Berlusconi, less inchangeable.
Frank nods agreeingly. Yes, he is happy with his photobox. The range isn't ok,
he says. I gave the range a 6 out of 10, he says, because it is somewhat

At the table in the corridor is a can
of peach halves. Frank is
busy. One half left in the can. The best consumed before date is
31/12/2013. ( )

crox-box 22 January 2012 

Number of visitors. No trifle.
forty-two on Sunday.
Robbert says: they used to bully me for my glasses and now they all want to
wear specs, what the shit.
 nice, someone says.
Usual routine acts: press a button, swipe the porch.
They started with the horoscope in early september, says Frank. Costed an arm
an a leg, the research they did.
And surprisingly, such is the conditioning by that horoscope business that all of
us - it's a Pavlov reflex - only reads the things related to their own jobs.
So the conversation turns to - later, close to closing time - the biggest
on earth. Jezus. It waters over the waters. If there hadn't been a word for
prostitution, they could just as well have called it Jezus, or: the child
jezus, patron saint of paedophilia.  
Two things: I've no telly and I don't read horoscopes.
Bionade is doing well. [Bionade is a brand of 'organic' lemonade in Belgium.] Cristina
Amelia lends a hand. After midnight, someone with a piercing in his left
earlobe and called Tim starts discussing the parfume of foodstuff.
He explains: everything has a specific perfume, just as well as the sweat of a
cigar smoker.

September 2012. External group project with  Adriaan Verwée, Annelien Vermeir & Claire
Stragier, Frank & Robbert and  Robbert & Frank, Jasmijn Krol, Liam
Singelyn & Raf Van de Ven and Piet Mertens.
F&R en R&F show the building they had constructed for crox 395 And
which had been shown in CAMPO.


crox 446, BRAINBOX3 (2013). A quartet:
Benjamin Verdonck, Frank & Robbert/Robbert & Frank and Dirk Zoete.