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Hoffman, Elsa

Elsa Hoffman was born in 1864 and became during her lifetime a legend
never witnessed in shrimp history. Even now after such a long time she
is a popular subject of conversation. Tears appear in the eyes of those
thinking of her. Her tragic disappearance contributed to her legendary

Elsa saw the light of life on a monday morning in
february. From her young days she showed exemplary shrimp behavior; she
sang before she could speak. Her mother Livia Hoffman (born Benatov) was
an excellent teacher and her father Theodor Hoffman was a great

As mentioned earlier Elsa Hoffman was an exceptional
singer. Her singular opera voice made its way right to the hearts of
fellow shrimps. Soon she became a much wanted and adored actress and
singer — and as theatre and opera in shrimp society are more important
than politics and economy Elsa was soon ruling the kingdom.

mystically disappeared in 1892 right after the performance of the
popular opera Danse Macabre — in which she is carried away by Death —
and nobody has seen her since. Many pretend to have found clues to her
disappearance (some say she got kidnapped by a drunken crab, other say
she evaporated, still others proclaim the public pressure became too big
for her and that she fled to a hiding place where she now leads a
secret life).

After her sudden disappearance — which shocked the
whole society — Elsa became a national heroine and was awarded the only
prize for unprecedented shrimp achievement ever given. She received it
post-humously in 1893. Elsa was only 28 years old when she disappeared.
relics claimed to belong to Elsa Hoffman turn up. These is in fact
lucrative deception. After Her disappearance shrimp society was never
the same anymore.

text: Oona Libens