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Bisschops, Merijn

Mr. Probe says hello. Concert with Marieke Berendsen (violin) and Bruno Nelissen (e-guitar).
Opus by Merijn Bisschops: Operation Teapot, nieuwe probe, voor viool, e-gitaar, electronic devices en speeldoos. [new probe, for violin, e-guitar, electronis and music box]. This work could be best described as the aftermat of an open-air nuclear explosion.  From concentric air pressure fronts postapocalyptic sounds develop and slowly fade away. Radiation is descending during the  fall-out and in the radioactive matter, mutation commence. What's left over contains shards of noise and the unstable harmonics of an old wireless. Somewhere, a broken music box is played. 
Operation Teapot has been commissioned by the NPFK+.