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Entekhabi, Shahram

Breath From A Warm Locale, crox 459, coproduction with Parkingallery and Asayeshgah Projects. Islamic Star (2005), 5'30". Show in the hall, close to the entrance, with a flatscreen. Excerpt from the accompanying note: 'In Islamic Star', the figure is showing the stigma of an Islamic star on his shirt. With an M for Muslim on the star symbol, similar to the ones that German Jews were forced to wear during Nazi-regime. What does it mean, if I, a male artist, put myself in the position of a "criminal" and a negative element in society? Does this mean to repeat the aggression of Western society and direct it against myself as an act of catarsis? It is quite unusual, for a male artist, to work with his own body, in this sense of course, beyond the fetish. Therefore, I think it is an interesting question in terms of analyzing the position of migrants, especially if you compare my auto-aggressive performance to the ones of the female artists since the 70s."