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10 februari 2016. Concertavond. BLURT @croxhapox. Opkomst circa 70 afficionados. Soundcheck & double track opname verzorgd door Peter Van de Veire van The Yellow Tape.
Set: Beneath Discordant Skies, het album uit 2015, en twee nrs extra.

crox-box donderdag 11 februari
Yeah. Right. I had been drinking coffee, & doing some of the things I
supposedly had to do, as David Ayleward and Steve Eagles came through,
followed by Ted & Thibault.
I knew Ted & Thibault of course, as Various Artists had introduced
them to his crox-show last year. Ted as well recalled how nice his
residence at Flandria Hotel had been. I hadn't met Dave and Steve.
Dave, travelling light, with nothing else but some minor tools & a
drum basket he couldn't miss, had the comfort of a SONOR Swinger dated
1975, the most recent set Merlyn bought. His material and likewise that
of The Singing Painters, since early 2011 a Sound Guerilla having Merlyn
and Me and no one else.
Steve and Dave ordered a beer. They had two hours before Peter from
YellowTape would turn to the sound-check. Dave made the drumset, used a
screw driver to tune the thing, Steve hung around ripping cords, Guy
dropped by, Ted tried his horn, Thibaut watched the proceedings. For an
hour or two we had nothing else to do.
Thibaut went to Flandria as he was the only one who had no need to get
the sound-check clear. For some time Steve went on picking the strings
of his green guitar. They had left, he and Ted and Dave, to the Turkish
bakery, when Peter from YellowTape came to the place and began to do his
thing, getting an unexpected load of material to the setup. This took
an hour. After that Ted, Steve and Dave did the sound-check. Peter from
YellowTape mentioned the idea to record the life set. Ted and Steve and
Dave agreed on that. Yeah. Right.
A girl entered the hall. I am too early, she said. Yeah, right, you are, I said. ( )

The set gave a steaming night. Blurt did their most recent record, Beneath Discordant Skies, and added some of the old material.
The dancing area spread to Brussels and Amsterdam and far beyond.
Beneath Discordant Skies is the newest thing. In particular I like the dancing area.