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Milton, Ted

2015. Performance tijdens de openingsavond van Kosmografia, een productie van Edwin Carels. Leest voor uit het Googolplex project van Various Artists.
2016. Concert, 10 februari. Een set met materiaal uit Beneath Discordant Skies. >BLURT

Ted, Here something what may be called an update. One. We have the drum thing. As I told you. A drumset meant for jazz performance so I guess anything Jake needs. Two.
We have anything else. Not for free. We need to pay 300 euro for it. So Blurt @crox indeed puffs up 450 euro, But no worries. We look forward to the concert and that's it. Three.
Time schedule set-up: in between 5 and 6 o'clock. Peter (the bloke swooping in with all the material) offers a helping had as well. We couldn't have had anything better I guess. He's a professional. It makes 300 euro but it offers just a perfect set up. And I guess Peter just as good looks forward to the concert.
Laura! Thanks for latest update - I'm looking forward to ext Wednesday evening! But I don't quite understand your references to euros - 450? Then another 300? In fact as I understand it nothings been mentioned about the financial aspect other than people will be paying 10 euros entrance? O! Please enlighten me about these prosaic matters! Spell it out to me! What are the overheads finally? Are these costs covered by admissions? Likewise the hotel?
Jake left the band over 20 years ago! David Aylward's the drummer! And he's terrific! Best, t
Ted, the 450 euro is our bill: 150 hotel & 300 material and set-up. We pay for that. Blurt has the tickets but I anyway suggest that if around 100 people would attend the concert, which I doubt, we split the tickets in 750 Blurt ad 250 crox.
But it won't have 100 attendants. 50 or 60 seems more likely. I suggest that up to 750 all ticket income goes to Blurt,
and that we consider, if it would get more, to have some of that ticket income for croxhapow as well, to make the invest a bit milder. It's not that important an issue. We gladly make the extra cost.
The thing I wrote is nothing else but a note on that extra cost. We indeed couldn't get the material for free. Likewise with Peter the set-up may be just as comfortable.
Absolutely brilliant, Laura, you're a Star! A Hero Of Blurt First Class! t
Laura if you have a mo pls send me directions to the hotel, and the way from there to the venue... Thanks in advance! t
Ted, well, what you could do is the following thing: you will arrive at Gent Sint-Pieters, the main station. From there you take the train to Antwerp and you get out at the first station, Gent Dampoort. Croxhapox is near Gent Dampoort. You could phone me just before you get on the train to Gent Dampoort. Then I wait at the entrance of Gent Dampoort. But,
it's just as easy to walk from Gent Dampoort to croxhapox, it's a two minutes walk. The street you need is Lucas Munichstraat. It is one of the streets going directly towards the city. If you get out at Gent Dampoort.
The other one going directly towards the center is Dampoortstraat. Which is a shopping area street.
Anyway, it's easy to get from Dampoort to croxhapox. There we meet. Let's say half past three. And then I explain how to get to the Hotel. Which is just as easy. I will be at croxhapox around half past three. Then the only thing I need to do is getting some extra beer.
Actually I can't decipher the phrase: if you jave a mo... What's a mo?
Jave a mo? Have a mo(ment) - pardon me!
ok we'll make our way to the venue, no need to meet us! Arriving at 14h05 at Midi we'll take the first train to Dampoort - see you soon! t
Right. Very good. I'll be there around three.
The drum we got is a Sonor Swinger from 1975.
It's not the drum The Singing Painters used to perform with. Merlyn bought the thing a couple of months ago.
The Singing Painters, as I mave have mentioned once, is a Two Men Unit now, Merlyn and me. It used to have Michaël Borremans on guitar, but Michaël quit in 2010.
Moreover I'm absolutely ecstatic about the Blurt guitar. Blurt is terrific in all its features but what a sound that sound of the Blurt guitar. I love the Berlin 2012 concert.
Apart from the drum, as I mentioned, Peter, a Punk Sound Engineer, will do the sound-check. He is informed on all what you need and will be at croxhapox at 5 o'clock.