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How do intimacy, masculinity and inter-masculine privacy
enter the public preserve of 'European refugee crisis' nowadays?

> Stamenkovic

CHASING ZA'ATAR Samah Hijawi. 607 KUNST & ZWALM 2021. Chasing Za'atar (from Jordan to Belgium) is a project based on the herb Oregano (Za'atar in Arabic) and is produced for Kunst & Zwalm in two parts. In one part, Samah collaborates with local farmers and herbalists to exchange stories of oregano across cultures, and to plant oregano from Jordan in different parts of Zwalm as a positive symbol of migration. In this gesture, she draws analogies about the diaspora of plants and people across histories. [ ] > Hijawi

pKp para-instituut voor KUNST en precariteit. 607 KUNST & ZWALM 2021. The pKp is pitching its tents on the outskirts of the hamlet of Korsele, in the same way as precarious people used to do outside the city walls. The camp is the laboratory, the meeting place and the base for interventions. The pKp takes the art route, aspects of the artworks displayed and characteristics of the surroundings as its starting point in order to interact with carefully selected 'audiences'. The pKp does not consider 'audiences' to be target groups but rather environments of people with authority in which certain knowledge, ideas and convictions live and/or are shared. For each 'audience' pKp seeks forms of interaction. The audiences include people with experiences of loss of property, a group of cows and their farmer, the parents of the artists involved. [ ]

610. GRENSOVERSCHRIJDEND [EXCEEDING BORDERS. Kim Snauwaert, Jolien Naeyaert. 5 november 2021. Location Roderoestraat 2. Lecture.