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peter jacquemyn

peter jacquemyn duo

thursday 8 march 2018 concert / free music
crox 563 peter jacquemyn [bass vocals]
gunda gottschalk [violin]

concert c20:00
doors 19:30
tickets 5 euro

the food supplement

the singing painters meet carver & horn [live album]
laura van (voc), mathias van de wiele (g), bart maris (t), peter jacquemyn (b), merlyn paridaen (d)

[artwork] dirk zoete
[label] el negocito records
on bandcamp

[coop] S.M.A.K. BruthausGallery het balanseer croxhapox el Negocito Records
15 euro + downloadcode 20 euro

the singing painters meet carver & horn

saturday 28 may 2016 concert

crox 525 the singing painters

featuring peter jacquemyn & bart maris
doors 19:30
concert 20:00
tickets 10 euro

peter jacquemyn quartet

saturday 12 december 2015 performance
doors 19:30 concert 20:00

crox 509

peter jacquemyn (b, voc)
audrey lauro (as)
mark sanders (d)
alison blunt (v)

concert peter jacquemyn 24 maart

sunday 24 march 2013 concert 15:00
tickets: 5 euro

peter jacquemyn (be) & gunda gottschalk (de)

zaterdag 4 juni 2011

saturday 4 june 2011
two special events
crox 374
stuart lynch presents concert (uk/dk)

16:00 16:30 17:00
crox373 Stuart Lynch

Copenhagen-based performance and voice artist Stuart Lynch presents extracts from his solo work Lynch Concert.
One of Denmarks best performance artists and directors. This work is part performance, part concert and a combination of Lynch's work as a Butoh dancer, director and experimental singer. The presentation will take place as part of a tour that will take place throughout the year and travel through Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium (Brussels/Gent), Sweden, Germany and Spain.

saturday 4 june 19:30
crox 375 rhythm section on tour

tickets: 5 euro
tatsuya nakatani (jp), peter jacquemyn (be), pierre-michel zaleski (pl), maja jantar