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jeff gburek

concert jeff gburek

friday 4 april 2014 concert
jeff gburek (us/po) & marjorie van halteren (us)

a mixture of musique concrete, electroacoustic
improvised and spoken (and processed) words

doors 20:00
concert 20:30
tickets 5 euro
Jeff Gburek (USA/Poland): prepared guitar, mini-theremin, electronics, voice, objects.
Marjorie Van Halteren (USA/France): sampler, voice, objects.
Happily announce their first tour in Belgium in which one will hear two artists at the cross-roads

of poetry, utterance, musique-concrete, blending composed and
improvised sequences, a hybrid of electro--acoustic improvisation,
radio-play, sound-painting, sound-theater, soft-noise, deconstructed
story-telling, contemporary commentary, travelogue, maybe even some
diatribe about tribal trouble and resolution in hope, with some humor.
Happy to be there, anywhere, now.