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Artists collective: Jelle Clarisse, Samir Boudia, Sarah Dhont, Sven Tassaert and Tuur Delodder.
Samir appears for the first time in 2005 in our programme: crox 143 /a solo project in the main room/ and ADMINISTRATION, crox 153, an instalraam [installation window] at the usual location, Onderstraat 26.
Tuur combines TANKGARAGE, at an external location in Zelzate, with a documentary presentation in crox, crox 148 (2005) and is involved in an attempt to get a project by Tazro Niscino going.
Together, Sarah and Jelle have a project in 2008, crox 242.
As KAMP they participate in BASICS 2 (the sequel in Oudenaarde, 2006), Verzamelwoede (2007) at the same place and in  Brainbox2 (2008-2009) of which they propose the basic concept, a meticulously planned art robbery. It takes off quite nicely when they propose to involve the artistic direction to perform in the project. The meticulous and museum-like presentation dangles over the progress of the project like Damocles' jackknife because the presentation poses as a completed and untouchable final product. The second and third units choke on the product and fail to catch up on events in several different ways.

All members of the collective took the course of Multimediale Vormgeving at Kask [Multimedial Design, Academy of fine Arts in Ghent], when it was still called 3D.