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crox 12 (January 1991), Wouter Cox - a table and a chair; a t-shirt with 666 written on it hangs from the chair, at the small table is a replica of what could have been a breakfast. In En Passant (crox 18 - Autumn 1991) too, WC copies a living room, this time he uses a coffee table.

crox 23 - the Peerstable, a bit of furniture entirely made of zinc. Presently, it is supposed to be somewhere in France. 

crox 40 (1996). The musselpan of Broodthaers is served at a small round table adorned with a white tablecloth.

crox 47 (juni 1996): the molten furniture of Juliane Heise.

crox 51 - Open Deuren, location 13: tables, letters & art of courtship.

crox 64 (May 1997): plinth for the typewriter during the performance of Piece for typewriter, tin can, flute and voices.

crox 82: the multifunctional bit of furniture of Holger Nickish.

crox 88 (January 1999): The breathing table of Anton Cotteleer. The tabletop is a membrane.

crox 110 (November 2003) - BASICS 1: table where reside a.o. sketchbooks of Jos Van Meerssche.

crox 113 (January 2005) - self portrait at breakfast table by Jan Willem Verherbrugge.

crox 120: table construction of circa 5 meters supported by 4 trestles where the works of Dirk Peers are exhibited. The constraction is posited slightly diagonally.

From 2004 a plank on trestles in the hall is used as a display for the visitors' book and the flyers. 

crox 131 (January 2005), 'Sacre Bordel' by J. Van der Borght. First and only project where J. Van der Borght shows works from his diverse alter egos. The pieces are exhibited on a large labyrinthine table construction which includes also a stilage. As an extra, a narrow plank on trestles carries a large soup kettle. 

crox 135 (March 2005) - Iconografic element in Ante Timmermans' works.

crox 137 (March 2005), Kausale Suzammenhang II, a contextual installation by Thomas Karz (D): TK topples the tables that were left behind unattended by Ante Timmermans (which gives the impression that they dance between the raindrops). Till the end of 2006 the holes in the roof are a continuous worry. Other artists who ingeniously integrated the moisture problem in their projects are Maria Degrève (April 2005) and Tinka Pittoors (April 2006). From Summer 2006 the leaking roof is finally a memory of the past. 

crox 154 (Nov-Dec 2005), ADMINISTRATION. installation window by Samir Boudia. SB reconstructs an office. A typewriter, a folder and a stapler are on the table, all made from MDF and painted in a monochrome grey-green.

crox 188, BRAINBOX (2006). 'The Table', filmed performance by Stijn Van Dorpe. To that end he designs a wheeled table. The wheels are not only fixed under the legs but also at the corners of the tabletop. This table later on is put in the hall as display for the visitors' book. Anton Cotteleer contributes two small square Ikea-tables, paints them black and puts them on top of the ytong sculpture. On top of one of the tables lies a Kaaba-ish cube of clay. Evert Defrancq models the clay into a cloudlike sculpture; his action is filmed. One of the sides of the ytong sculpture doubles as a projection screen. The top changes into a sculpted stream of mud. One of the Ikea tables is removed from the project and ends up in the stock, the other one remains a part of the central sculpture, buckling under the weight of the mud. Unit 7 (the trio of unit 1: Nicolas, Anton and Stijn) manufacture a gigantic oval table that serves as a stage.

14 April 2006: crox2 has two make-up tables, flat against the wall to the right. 

VERZAMELWOEDE (cultural heritage day 2007, project in Maagdedale Abbey). The technical services of the city of Oudenaarde produce a 50 meter long table especially for this project. 

crox 312, BELGIAN MIX (September 2009), a HAP project, if I'm not mistaken the first one after the infamous ZORRO performance during Kunst Zwalm one year earlier. The project combines 4 elements, a photo, a drawing, a youtubepatchwork and a presentation with bottles of a local brand of wheat geneva on three wooden tables, longish and on high legs. Each bottle contains a mix of the proper produce mixed with a small percentage of foreign alcohol, balanced to the milliliter to fit the proportionsgiven by the population census.

crox 311, AN ACT IN 20 MINUTES (September 2009), presentation by artist Juul Sadée from the Netherlands. As far as I can remember, the project consisted of a large number of flattened elements serving as plinths for monitors, five of them, and a chaotic  rendez-vous of signs and objects.

crox 313, BUFFET GENT DAMPOORT, a film by Freya Maes. The tables in the cafetaria of Dampoort railway station. At one of those tables, close to the entrance, sits Herman Chavez Aguilera. How he acquired that exotic last name is not quite clear. Buffet Gent Dampoort has some more regulars. They are at other tables, reminiscing the mysterious Herman Chavez Aguilera who, two years before, in the middle of winter, close to Gent Dampoort, slid and fell and died a few days later.

crox 318, BEIJING-GENT (November 2009), the project by Roel Jacobs, coproduction of De Garage, Circa and Croxhapox. Two tables. A monitor on each one. A corner with easy chairs, canapés.

crox 319, Hans Beckers, 'Tzwartetafeltjeconcert [Th'blacktableconcert] (November 2009). The black table joins in once more in the project of Adam Geczy (May 2010), Remember To Forget The Congo. Although in croxhapox it is always the same coffee table, contributed by Anton Cotteleer at the first edition of Brainbox (2006), the title of Beckers' project refers to another table.

Nel Aerts too, sits at a table.