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The failures


crox 4: Hugo De Leener doesn’t turn up.

The pictures from Xavier Debeerst, intended for publication in
the catalogue of 'En Passant' (Autumn 1991), are useless. Consequently, nobody
is really happy with the catalogue of this project.  

Signos de Admiración (Exclamation marks). Ambitious
crox-project. An intervention by Jan Hoet causes its premature demise.

Synergy. Concept by Frank Van den Eeckhout (1991). The idea is
to bring together 4 separate disciplines each time. Generally speaking, the
concept involves a distinction between dance (or theatre or mime), music, 3D
and video (or film).

The signpost project (Signos 2), a solo project from Hans van
Heirseele (1991). As yet not realised.

KNUTS. Word project (1992). Cancelled.

Mari-Jose Van Hee: a show focusing on her unfinished projects. After
the retrospective of her work in De Singel (1993) Hans is eager to show Mari-Jose’s
other architectural projects, viz. those that for whatever reason failed. The
solo, planned for end 1995, hasn’t materialised.

The installation window from Johan Van Geluwe, planned for
Autumn 1996, is cancelled.

FASHIONED (1998), a 
Brooklyn project by Suzan Batu (USA). The idea is to have an exchange
project with Belgian and American artists. Belgians over there, Americans here.
Marijke Bontinck (at the time a member of the crox-team) is supposed to
coordinate the project. For some reason it just fails.

VZW Nucleo (2002). Thanks to an intervention of Raphael Dua Croxhapox
(inactive from Summer 2000) suddenly has a chance to use the upper floor of
the building in Langeviolettestraat. After some meetings, the talks get bogged

One year later, a few weeks before the opening of the new crox
space in Lucas Munichstraat (September 2003) the guys from HAP cancel, later on
Walter van Boven too. The opening event is cancelled.

crox 135 (2005): A few days after opening night, Ante Timmermans
discontinues his solo project. Reason: continuing problems of moisture.

The negotiations about a Ghent contemporary art city map started
by croxhapox stall. Incompatible points of view lead to a stalemate. In 2007 the Witte Zaal takes the initiative and the contemporary art city map finally is produced.

Summer 2005. The project of Tazro Niscino planned for 2006 – started
in 2005 in SMAK – is not continued in croxhapox.

The so-called second trail of the brainbox period (2006, the first edition) is not quite what we had expected. The plan is to let observers document the project in text and images. Quite a nice quantity of photographic material results but apart from the literary contributions of Peter Bondewel, Guido De Bruyn and van there is insufficient text to justify a book. The brainbox book project is cancelled.