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Beckett, Samuel

crox 145-II, BASICS 2 (sequel abbey Maagdedale, 2006). The hapax leentjegomenon applied to Waiting for Godot [Wachten op Godot]. Leentje Vandenbussche reduces Waiting for Godot, without interfering with the layout and the order of the pages, to the first spot where each word appearing is the text manifests itself for the first time, a procedure which is not quite what is normally meant by hapax legomenon. Apart from that it's spot on: the layout of Wachten op Godot thinned out till text where every word occurs only once. 
In Lexicon van literaire termen (Wolters Plantyn 1998 [Lexicon of literary terms]) hapax legomenon is introduced as such: (Gr. used/spoken only once). Word or concept which appears only once in a language or with an author. Van Dale (fourteenth, revised edition) adds the following: hapax (the (m)); word found only once (in a text or language), isolated word or languistic occurence. after 1950 Gr., in full hapax legomenon (named once) hapax ciremenon (the (m)); hapax ciremena) (ling.) hapax. Gr. lit. 'the only once said' hapax legomenon (the (m)); hapax legomena) (ling.) hapax. Gr. lit. 'the only once named'

crox 231, In een ander donker [In another darkness] (2007) by Michiel Alberts (NL) and Wouter Messchendorp (NL).