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3. ROEST RUST. [RUST RESTS] Assemblages. April 1990.
17. Copy Art. Posters. Street display. May September 1991.
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18. EN PASSANT. September 1991. 25 window installations. Location 11: Geldmunt 32 [downtown Ghent].
24. ORBIS PICTUS III. Januari 1995. Basement Aannemersstraat 54. Third project on this location. Added to the invitation: "ORBIS PICTUS/ DE WERELD IN BEELD GEBRACHT [ORBIS PICTUS/ THE WORLD DEPICTED]. Central to Edwin Carels' work is the concept of viewing, the mechanism of representation and the relation between the viewer and the image, a world reduced to images./ In ORBIS PICTUS, a series of installations also readable as diary fragments, Carels each time approaches the relation between the image and its subjective representation from a concrete viewpoint (a myth, a  poem)./ In this, the third installation it is a recovered glass photonegative. The space is discretely filled with reflections on media and the vulnerability of the image as a doubling of reality. "Aux lieux des souvenirs..."

crox-card 3. Fig. toi. 1994.
Reprint crox-card 3. 2013.
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c croxhapox 1994

Croxhapox, a new start (Dirk Pültau, De Gentenaar): "The basement of Aannemersstraat is a nice place to stay. Edwin Carels, an artist who is also a writer (e.g. for the magazine 'De andere cinema') has wrapped almost the entire space. At the floor are packs of papers while ghostly newspaper pictures hang from the ceiling. A projector creates an image on a large glass: an enlarged image of a piece of skin stuck to the lens. Incredibly personal but at the same time very impersonal: the structure of the human skin simply creates a pattern on the plate, a pattern such as those of newspaper pictures which if searched closely only exists of dots. This installation straddles the border of a banal meaning (the newspaper photos) and the tangible loss of meaning (the projected skin). Because one really experiences the loss of meaning, the urge arises to go and look for it, to ask oneself what is said here - while usually one simply passes by newspaper pictures and tv images. Carels' mise en scene sometimes is too emphatically explanatory, but it has quite a number of interesting elements piercing through."

505. KOSMOGRAFIA. Curator: Edwin Carels. Protagonists: Alex Mendizabal (IT), Brothers Quay (UK), Jelena Vanoverbeek, Jennifer Debauche, Jonas Mekas (LT/US), Laura van, Leo Copers, Philip Newcombe (UK), Ted Milton (UK), Various Artists. October November 2015.