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croxhapox - What the word means or where it comes from: it has been invented. 

crox - Prefix, used in plenty of combinations: crox space, crox-monsieur, croxness, croxcard, croxbook, crox artist, crox project, crox format, crox blue.

installation window [instalraam] - The word was invented in 1991 by Edwin Carels. Window location; window project.

[skewity ~= skewness] [schuintegraad] - Appears only in the the briefing of the first and never realised pole project (1990-1991).

brainbox - Term also used in combinations: the brainbox aspect.

By unit 4 (Dirk, Tinka, Michaël) jargonised/jumbled to boxbrain.


homo caniens - The houndman or manhound. Figuratively: reducing everything to 1 single truth and exclude every other truth. The barking man: every opinion or vantage point that threatens the one truth or tries to look at it from a different angle is being smashed barkingly.