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Gentlemen, The Gentlemen's

zie Getnick
zie Kidder

crox-book Nr 9 (2008)

page 8 Characters:

JANITOR ---> Frank Merkx
ACTRESS ---> Marianne Vogt (DE)
ACTOR/WILD BOAR ---> Robbert Goyvaerts
CHANDELIER ---> video presentation, one of the American actors
POTTED PALM ---> video presentation, one of the American actors


Toy Piano

fragment, ACT 1 (Earlier that Spring.), page 13

ACTRESS: Perhaps he has fallen into the canal!
Been run down by a horse cart?
No! Surely he will arrive soon!
We were supposed to go truffle hunting,
A pastime so loved in this little village.
My own mother favored truffles with turnips.
A sensational winter stew!
(Sadly) Savored only in my memory.

one more sweet little fragment, dit keer ACT II, page 37

CHANDELIER: The word is of course NOT
The word is "Meritorius."(1)
A seldom heard word these days.
Evocative of earlier days,
When we had ideas.
As a people,
We could look at an audience
In those days
And say them,
Yes, those people know what an idea is...
This word is annunciated
And nothing more is said about it
Because next is a staccato stammer
Of incomprehensible wor---

/Video ends./

(1) If something is meritorious, it deserves great praise: Six employees were given awards for meritorious service. (Cambridge International Dictionary of English, Guides you to the meaning, p.889) Something that is meritorious has qualities which make it good or worthwile; a formal word. EG ...a lifetime of meritorious service. (Collins Cobuild 1991, p. 908)